Naskah Soal UAS Ganjil Bahasa Inggris MTs/SMP Kelas 7

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Rujukan Skripsi-Postingan kali ini akan dibahas tentang Naskah Soal UAS Ganjil Bahasa Inggris MTs/SMP Kelas 7. Silahkan dirujuk dan semoga bermanfaat.


A.      Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang benar.
       1.       Yeti                        : Hello, Rifka. How are you?
         Rifka                      : …
a.       What?                                                                       c. Hi. I’m good. Thanks
b.      How do you do?                                                       d. Yes. I am.
       2.       Rohendi               : Ok. Good bye, Naim.
        Naim                     : …
a.       Nice.                                                                     c. good morning              
b.      Nice to meet you, too.                                          d. goodbye
       3.       Teacher                : Ok. May be enough our lesson for today. Don’t forget to do homework   
              at                  home. …
       Teacher                : See you.
a.       Bye bye                                                                        c. see you later
b.      Good night                                                                   d. goodbye
       4.       When you meet your teacher at 7 a.m. You say …
            a. good morning                                                             c. good evening
            b. good afternoon                                                           d. good night
       5.       If we meet someone  at 8 p.m. we greet him …
            a. good morning                                                             c. good evening
            b. good afternoon                                                           d. good night
6.       Dicky                     : Thank you for your help.
Fredy                    : …
a. Thanks                                                                             c. Ok
b. Yes. I do                                                                          d. You’re welcome
7.       Irawan                  : I’m sorry, mom. I ‘m late
Teacher                : …sit down. Don’t do that again. Ok?
a. It’s Ok                                                                              c. You’re welcome
b. Thank you                                                                      d. Don’t mention it.
The following dialogue for question 8 and 9.
( dialog berikut ini untuk soal no 8 dan 9 )
Iroh                        : Hello, my name is Iroh. What ‘s your name?
Mia                        : …(8)
Iroh                        : Nice to meet you, Mia.
Mia                        :…(9)
8.       A. How are you?                                                               C. Yes. I am
B. I’m from Kalimantan                                                  D. I am Mia
9.       A. how do you                                                                   C. See You
B. Nice to meet you too, Mia                                      D. goodbye.
10.   Siti                          : How old are you?
Kasnah                 : …
a. I am twelve                                                                    c. my name is Kasnah
b. I am Fine                                                                         d. I’m feeling great.
11.   Iis                            :  Are you Wahyu?
Wahyu                  : …
a. Yes. I am                                                                         c. Yes. I’m not
b. Yes. You are                                                                  d. Yes. He is.
12.   Roni                       : How do you spell your call name?
Udin                      : …
a. Jamal                                                                                                c. U-D-I-N
b. DIDIN                                                                               d. Jamaludin
13.   X : … are you from?
a. What                                                                                c. Who
b. Where                                                                             d. When
14.   Eleven plus ten equals…
a. twenty                                                                             c. twenty two
b. twenty one                                                                   d. nineteen

15.   After Monday is…
a. Tuesday                                                                          c. Wednesday
b. Sunday                                                                            d. Friday
16.   Today is Friday. Tommorow is…
a.Tuesday                                                                           c. Thursday
b.Sunday                                                                             d. Saturday
17.   09:55
a.fifty five past nine                                                        c. five past nine
b.nine past fifty five                                                       d. five to ten

Text Box: 7MAY

18.   What date is it?
a. the seventh of may                                                    c. the first of july
b. the fifth of july                                                             d. the seven of July
19.   The second of may nineteen ninenty eigth
a.22-05-1998                                                                      c. 02-05-1998
b.12-051998                                                                        d.23-05-1998
20.   21-10-2015
A.The twenty one of october two thousand and fifteen
B. The twenty First of october two thousand and fifteen
C. The twenty one of November  two thousand and fifteen
D. The twenty third of october two thousand and fifteen
21.   Melani  : what time is it?
setengah 8.jpgApen     : it’s…
a. seven past six              
c. five past one
b. seven thirty                                                  
d. six thirty
The following text is for questions 22-24.
( teks berikut ini untuk pertanyaan nomor 22-24 )

Text Box: Hi. my name is friends call me Ibro. I ‘m 13 years old. My hobby is playing football. I want to be your friend.

22.   Who is the boy? He is…
a.Ibro                                                                                    c. ahim
b.Ibrahim                                                                            d. ohim
23.   His nick name is…
a. Bram                                                                                 c. Ibrohim
b. Ahim                                                                                d. Ibro
24.   He’s … years old
a. twelve                                                                             c. thirteen
b. eleven                                                                             d. Fourteen
25.   Ariel is in class VII C. …is smart  student
a. they                                                                                  c. He
b. She                                                                                   d. we
26.   Naim and Didi … best friends.
a. Is                                                                                        c. am
b. Are                                                                                    d. they
Read the text and answer the question number 27-32.
( Baca text berikut, lalu jawab pertanyaan nomor 27-32)
Mr. and Mrs. Pataya have three children. They are Aisah, Ivan  and Firda. Aisah is married to Ananta, and Ivan is married to Fatimah. Frida is not married yet. She still studies in a university.
The Anantas have two sons. They are twins. Their names are Chairul and Alim. The Ivans only have one daughter. Her name is Salma.

27.   From the text we know that Firda…
a. is married to Ananta                                                  c. has two sons
b. is still single                                                                    d. is Ivan’s wife
28.   Mr. Pataya is Aisah’s…
a. husband                                                                          c. grandfather
b. uncle                                                                                                d. father
29.   … is Salma’s grandmother
a. Mr. Pataya                                                                     c. Aisah
b. Mrs. Pataya                                                                   d. Firda
30.   Aisah is… aunt
a. Alim’s                                                                               c. Salma’s
b. Chairul’s                                                                          D. Firda’s
31.   Chairul and Alim’s parents are…
a.Mr. and Mrs. Pataya                                                   c. Ivan and Fatimah
b. Firda and Ananta                                                         d. Aisah and Ananta
32.   She still studies in a university.
The underlined word refers to…
(kata yang di garis bawahi merujuk pada…)
a. Mrs. Pataya                                                                   c. Salma
b. Aisah                                                                                d. Firda
look at the picture!

33.   What is she? She is…
a. Sailor                                                                                c. Tailor
b. Barber                                                                             d. farmer
34.   Which sentences is TRUE?
( kalimat mana yang BENAR?)
a. my name’s is Salwa                                                    c. mother I is teacher
b. I and you are friends                                                 d. my teacher’s name’s Nurbaeti
35.   Which of the following is eraser?



36.   English – is –my – father – an - teacher
    1            2     3          4           5        6
The best arrangement for the words above is…
( susunan yang tepat untk kata – kata di atas adalah…)
a.       3 – 4 – 2 – 1 - 6 – 5
b.      3 – 4 – 2 – 5 – 6 –1
c.       3 – 1 - 6 – 2 – 5 – 4
d.      3 – 6 – 2 – 5 – 1 – 4

37.   It is a…
a. fly     
c. dragonfly

Look at the picture!
38.   How many pencil are there?
a. twelve                                                                                             c. nine
b. eleven                                                                                             d. ten
39.   I have sixteen note books. Rina has eighteen note book. how  many note books does Rina have?
a. 15                                                                                                       c. 16
b. 18                                                                                                      d. 17
40.   Look at the picture!
Roro      : Where is the vase?
Riri : It is……table
a. On                                                                            c.under
b. In                                                                              d.beside

B.      Completion
Untuk nomor 41-45, lengkapi teks yang rumpang dengan kata ganti yang tepat.
I have a new friend. …(41) is Penti Nur. … ( 42  ) call name is Penti. …( 43 ) is from Kalimantan. Now … ( 44 ) lives in Binuangeun with her mother. …( 45 ) is teller in BRI Bank.
C.      Essay
Untuk nomor 46-50, jawablah teks di bawah ini berdasarkan data kartu.


46.   What card is it ?
47.   What’s his name?
48.   Where does he live ?
49.   How old is he?
50.   Is he male?

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